Dear Rory: Last year I found out my husband is a cheating alcoholic. It’s going to get easier, right?

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Dear Rory: I feel like I’ve been so focused on my big goals that I keep forgetting I’m entering a new decade (my 30s) soon.  Is there anything I’m missing or ignoring with my almost tunnel vision on my big-picture goals? –Mary

Draw: 4 of Swords
Dear Mary: There is one fundamental thing you are overlooking: rest. None of your achievements, accolades or accomplishments will mean anything if you are so exhausted that you can’t appreciate them. And they won’t take you where you want to go big-picture if you are too run down to plan for what should come next. Your ability to make a truly magnificent blueprint for your next decade and then execute it depends just as much on your stillness as it does on your action. Taking healthy breaks is not inefficiency. It is the nourishment that creates energy, clarity, and ultimately the manifestation of your dreams. Don’t underestimate the reality that even when well-intentioned, constant work will not only separate you from but blind you to what matters most – the genuine connections with your circles and friendships that support everything else you do. In practical terms, consider establishing a gentle daily meditation or mindfulness practice, pre-blocking days on your calendar as no-work zones for naps, meanderings, or self-care, and breathing deep into small daily spaces of calm and quiet. Not only will your plans come together more beautifully, but your whole life will be more beautiful too. And that is the real big-picture goal.

Dear Rory: Will I ever believe in myself enough to allow positivity in regards to my health, finances and home? –Kelli

Draw:  XVII The Star
Dear Kelli:  Oh, yes, you absolutely will, Kelli. And not only in the physical world but in your spiritual world too. You are opening up to a new understanding of what holds you back, what will free you, and how to align completely with releasing the former and embracing the latter. This is in so many ways a limitless time that you are entering; the only boundaries to the changes you seek are the ones you put in place yourself. Free yourself from negative self-talk and allow your heart to fill with genuine faith and hope. This is not an exercise in wistful imaginings. This is the moment all of your wishes coming true because the Universe itself says so. Now is an ideal time to begin a practice of chanting positive affirmations to yourself throughout the day – really. Carry coins with you and toss them into every fountain you see – really. Stand outside at night and speak your dreams to the stars – really. Your guides and your ancestors are clearing the way, and your highest self is awakening to all that can be. You simply have to decide you will claim it. Really.

The only boundaries to the changes you seek are the ones you put in place yourself.

Dear Rory:  Long story short, in 2019 I lost my animal partner, found out my husband was a cheating alcoholic, and am now single momming an awesome but active 2 year old. 2020 is going to be easier right? Right?! –Jenny

Draw: 7 of Wands
Dear Jenny: First, be assured that you were far from alone in the intense revelations and clearings that 2019 brought forth. It was a year that universally demanded that we all see truth—in the world, in our relationships, and in ourselves. Some of that truth revealed incredible beauty and some of it terrible wrongs, and either way it aligned our lives up much more clearly with where our souls were calling us to be. But it definitely wasn’t easy. The tearing down of your reality now opens a completely new way forward, and if you embrace it, this year will indeed be easier. What does it require of you? This card asks that you no longer compromise what you believe. That you place your spiritual integrity above group opinion. That you take the high road no matter how many of those around you take the low. You have awakened to your next-level self, and some people will celebrate that and some people will resent it. Be fully present with the ones who hold you up. Compassionately turn away from those who hold you down. All that you have been through now allows you to link to that which elevates you with determination and unlink from that which lessens you with determination too. You know yourself differently than you did, and because of it, you have lit a torch that will absolutely light your way.

By the way, Jenny, if you are not ready to let a new animal companion into your life, keep your heart shielded in that department because I see one coming soon to be with you! They have agreed to be your next partner. But don’t worry. It is always a choice, and there is no negative fallout in any way if you decide you aren’t ready.  I just didn’t want their entrance to catch you off guard, LOL.

Rory Lula McMahan

Pagan priestess, empathic spiritual diviner, path opener and Healers tarot reader in residence, Rory Lula McMahan is changing the way the world sees woo, one draw at a time.

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