Exchanges of energy can be given definition by astrology – from cultivating an understanding of challenges, to acknowledging unique opportunities and subsequently, allowing for alignment on spiritual/psychological levels.

Location: Virtual
Services: Astrology
Expertise: Career Transition, Love & Relationships, Money & Abundance, Spirituality
Education & Certifications: Certified Practitioner (The School of Traditional Astrology, London), Certification in Foundational & Advanced Western Astrology, MFA Creative Writing (CalArts, CA), BA(Hons) Fine Art (Goldsmiths College, London).
Sign: Scorpio
Self-Care Ritual: Crystal Bath
Book: I Ching


"Beatrice provided such a lovely and thorough natal chart reading. I felt carefully guided through each position and was deeply moved by the synthesis of information she made along the way. Rather than looking up to see static and disparate points in the sky, she helped me to visualize and begin to better understand my chart as something more like a body of water, fluid and interconnected. The clarity of the reading was a real gift and Beatrice's honesty and warmth was undeniable."

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