My goal is to empower my clients to be their own healer. I provide the tools, guidance, and coaching, but my primary objective is to help you become more YOU and enjoy the power, and feeling of well-being, that comes with that.

Location: Brooklyn, Virtual
Services: Breathwork, Human Design, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, Career Transition, Kids & Family, Love & Relationships, Money & Abundance, releasing outworn beliefs so one can live the life of their dreams
Education & Certifications: Certified Human Design professional, Kundalini yoga instructor, and Usui reiki practitioner
Sign: Cancer Sun & Rising, Sagittarius Moon
Self-Care Ritual: Reading about magical things
Book: Understanding Human Design by Karen Curry Parker


"My human design reading with Kate was life changing. The reading began with Kate clearly explaining what human design is (I wasn’t very familiar with it) and an overview of what my design is. By the end, I not only learned about the intricacies of my personal design, but Kate also identified my strengths, weaknesses (it was eerie how spot on she was) and how to be the best version of myself. I greatly appreciate the time and effort Kate put into making my human design. It was a powerful experience I would recommend to anyone."

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