Everyone has the power to heal themselves. I am simply a guide in helping you access your best self.

Location: Los Angeles, Virtual
Services: Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, Fertility, Grief & Death, Kids & Family, Money & Abundance, Love & Relationships, Sexuality, Spirituality, Trauma, Addiction
Education & Certifications: Light Body Energy Healing classes
Sign: Pisces
Self-Care Ritual: energy meditation and epsom salt baths
Book: Energy Medicine by Jill Blakeway


"I am so grateful for the work that Kristen is doing here. My experience has been profound! Kristen creates a very strong space for healing, one in which I felt safe, secure and at true ease. This is done through open communication and a genuine curiosity and care. Since we've been working together, I have created several practices that help myself anchor in the deep truths that I have been able to access during these sessions!" –Kathryn, Portland, Oregon

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