I help women realize their innate worthiness and align with their potential through energetics, life coaching, yogic techniques and self leadership. I believe our innate energy is magnetic, and the work is in removing what is in the way.

Location: Seattle, Virtual
Services: Life Coaching, Meditation, Yoga
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, Career Transition, Life Purpose, Love & Relationships, Spirituality
Education & Certifications: BA in Leadership & Sustainable Business; Certified Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer with over 600 hours of training and thousands of classes taught; Teaching since 2010; Yin Yoga Certification; Katonah Yoga Immersive Training; Accomplishment Coaching Life Coach & Leadership Training
Sign: Virgo-Libra cusp, Leo rising, Taurus moon 
Self-Care Ritual: Some variation of movement, meditation, breathwork, journaling and nature
Book: Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss


"Linnea embodies calmness and presence, and that in itself is an invitation to see yourself and your life through her kind and fearless eyes. I am grateful to have chanced upon her and have yet to find a teacher who inspires me more. I am sincerely thankful for this." –Darryl Neufeld, Boulder, CO

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