I am a reiki master teacher, a tarot card reader, medium and energy specialist. I use a combination of energetic gifts to read clients’ energy, bring balance to their daily, physical and emotional lives, as well as their past lives to heal and release karmic ties.

Location: Philadelphia, Virtual
Services: Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, Medium, Reiki, Tarot, Yoga
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, Career Transition, Chronic Disease, Fertility, Grief & Death, Spirituality, Trauma
Education & Certifications: Reiki Master Teacher certified, Kundalini Reiki Master, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher, Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher, Aerial Yoga Teacher
Sign: Leo Sun, Libra Moon, Sagittarius Rising
Self-Care Ritual: Every day I write about my healing journey. I set an intention of what I’m working on, how it will make me feel, and what I am grateful for. At night, I check in to see how I did, as well as offer additional gratitude. It has helped me see my progress over time in a big way. We heal slowly so I think it’s helpful to see written proof.
Book: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and Beyond Past Lives by Mira Kelley (I do so much past life healing)


"Sheila is a wonderful mirror into your soul. Her calm, positive vibes will make you feel as if you're sitting with an insightful friend who will guide you to your truest life path. As an intuitive, she has been nothing but accurate in her readings. As a teacher, she truly brings her passion for her craft to the table. As a person, she simply glows and you leave readings feeling renewed and revived. I wouldn't have been able to serve my highest purpose without her input and her kind spirit. She's simply the best and I recommend her to all friends and family who are open." –Maureen, Philadelphia

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