I help good people get high offers with soul aligned companies.

Location: NYC, Virtual
Services: Abundance Coaching, Career Counseling
Expertise: Career Transition, Money & Abundance
Education & Certifications: BA, Psychology; Certification: Amazon “Making Great Hiring Decisions”; 7 years of experience as a Recruiter & Head of Recruitment, Talent Acquisition Lead, 2 years of experience as a Career and Job Search Coach; Author; Job Search Writer: themuse.com, Mogul Millennial Online Magazine, LinkedIn
Sign: Libra Sun, Gemini Moon, Gemini Rising
Self-Care Ritual: Kundalini Yoga, playing with animals, laughing with friends
Book: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks


"Work with her. She’s good. You’ll feel comfortable telling her your insecurities and fears as it relates to the job search and salary negotiation. Result? I was able to seal the deal and accepted an offer." –Mish S., Director of Human Resources (Fine Art)(NY,NY)

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