I bridge the gap between the physical world and spirit world to guide you back to your True Self.

Location: Nomadic, Virtual
Services: Business Coaching, Career Counseling, Chakra Balancing, Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, Life Coaching, Meditation, Past Lives, Spiritual Mentoring
Expertise: Anxiety & Depression, Career Transition, Loss & Grief, Fertility, Kids & Family, Love & Relationships, Money & Abundance, Trauma
Education & Certifications: BS in Business, Marketing & Mass Communications, U of MN, 12 + years of study under qualified healers, authors, practitioners: Landmark Education, Summit at Sea 2016, Marie Forleo’s BSchool, Marianne Williamson Seminar, Guru Jagat Aquarian Business School, Master of MindTravel Music Meditation
Sign: Pisces
Self-Care Ritual: being in nature
Book: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay


“Tonight’s live meditation w/ V was so powerful! It as SO fun to have my sister and her friend meditate with us. What a great way to go extra deep weekly for grounding and connection to source – especially now that I am learning about my energy vortex and how to work with it and other people’s energy! I was overcome with emotion at three different points in the meditation and started crying.” –Kristin, Minneapolis

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