November Energy Report

freedom and possibility

Welcome to your monthly energy report! Every month, intuitive alchemist Laura Brown unpacks the energy of the month ahead so you can align to the inner and outer rhythms of this experience and make empowered choices.

November is a month of freedom. Freedom from what has been. Freedom from whom we’ve been. Freedom to explore every inch of our innermost being and how we want to translate that into our interaction with the outside world. All things spring from the internal this month. There are realizations bubbling to the surface that are sparking our inner fires and releasing, if we should so choose, a torrent of new possibility in our lives. 

November is a month of freedom from what has been and who we’ve been.

We begin November still very much riding the massively motivating energy of October’s ending. Though Mercury entered its retrograde on October 31, we are still feeling the drive to do all the doing. This is a very powerful energy and when tapping into it there were two very distinct paths we could take with it. 

The first path is a powerful energy that builds momentum on the things we desire to wrap up or see competed before we close this decade. Any movements we take at this time are going to set things in motion rather quickly and allow us to accomplish a lot in a very short amount of time. This is great news for those of us who have perhaps let some things slide or who spent the first half of the year taking their sweet ol’ time. Now, in the penultimate month, we realize that if we are going to get this done in time we better get started now. And those on this path will accomplish a great deal and feel prepared for what 2020 has to bring.

Any movements we take at this time are going to set things in motion quickly.

The other iteration of this energy is that we could find ourselves occasionally slipping into a space of trying to do all the things. Putting undue pressure on ourselves to do it all and on our own. Those who tap into this flow of the energy at play will feel a growing sense of comparison and dissatisfaction that is not rooted in a lack of progress but in not honoring and holding space for our accomplishments, rather our failures. Like we never feel satisfied with what we’ve done. In this space, nothing we do is good enough and we see time as fleeting, with not nearly enough to accomplish what we desire. 

Towards the middle of the month, we have a choice to make around what we place value on and who we choose to be. This will be an especially healing moment for those who found themselves wrapped in the tension of the beginning of the month. This is where we get to become the partner to ourselves that we often seek from others. We clear out the funk and begin to assess what matters most to us. We are considering who we are becoming and whether this person is born from our fears or from our hope. There will be a bit of clearing here as we realize certain beliefs, pursuits, etc. no longer serve us. It feels very healing rather than tense, however. It feels like creating space for more freedom to enter into our experience. 

Mid-month we get to become the partner to ourselves that we often seek from others.

Some questions to ponder at mid-month:
–How can I strike a balance between going after my dreams and staying aligned with what I know is important to me? 
–What do I place my value on/in? Do my feelings and actions at present embody these values?
–If I let go of the false belief that I am not good enough what would my life look like? How would I feel differently about myself? 

The end of the month asks that we practice a little moderation.

If the beginning of the month was us wanting to do all the things then the end of the month is us wanting to enjoy all the things. Coincidently, or not, it also happens to be when most of us will find ourselves in the full swing of work, friends, family and the holidays. The beginning of the month is going to prove such a productive and expansive time that we may be ready to cut loose and eat, drink and be merry. And if that is your jam, by all means, enjoy it. But be mindful of what and how much of it you are doing. This month there is a strong sense of potential around success, vitality and also freedom. Give yourself room to enjoy the essence of each of these at months’ end while staying in a very intentional place. 

The mantra for November: I give myself space to accept who I am. Space to cultivate freedom and to enjoy with intention, what freedom brings me. 

Laura will be offering a LIVE virtual energy journey and healing session for Healers members on November 16 at 10am PST/1pm EST. Join us for details. As always, a recording will also be available in our in Member Lounge if you’re unable to attend!


Dani Bruflodt of Thyme is Honey helps people increase their focus, motivation, and productivity through the power of hydration. She currently lives in Copenhagen with her husband and spirit animal, Walter.

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