Dreaming of Relationships, Babies—and P. Diddy

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In this first installment of Your Dream Life, relationships are the theme as Venus planet of love began its retrograde last week and continues its backward dance through June 25. This six-week period offers us the opportunity to review how we feel about our partnerships and alliances (and other thing we value), and our dreams often give us insights into how we feel about those with whom we are in relationship. In our dreams, we can work out complex feelings and give voice to them in a way that we may not readily be able to in our waking life.

For all of your submissions, I’ll start my reflections with “If this were my dream…” because the dreamer is the one who truly knows what their dream means; I can only be a guide to help them discover it. Here we go!

“I gave birth to a baby girl and she looked exactly like my ex-coworker, who was there for the birth. The feeling was that I was supposed to give the baby to her. Her husband was there, my husband was there, also P. Diddy and Steve Martin were there. The weirdest part of the dream was the my baby looked exactly like my coworker.” –Izzy

Dearest Izzy,
If this were my dream, I’d consider how it may be expressing a deep sense of connection between myself and my coworker, which may be wanting my attention. (Not only was she there for the birth of the baby, but you felt you were supposed to give the baby you were having to her, and the baby looks exactly like her.)

I’d then reflect upon my waking-life relationship with my coworker to further understand what the dream was pointing out. Do I feel that our alliance is healthy, balanced, and co-creative? Or do I feel that it’s off kilter, features blurry boundaries, and/or I give too much of myself to sustain it?

I’d suggest reflecting upon how you felt at each stage of the dream. When you knew you were going to have a baby? And then felt you were supposed to give her the baby? As you saw the appearance of your husbands? As well as P. Diddy and Steve Martin? And of course, how did you feel when you saw that it looked like her? You can gain a lot of insight into your dream by tapping into the emotion it inspired and when you think back on it.

I can’t help but think how the dream further reflects relationships given that there are three pairs of people present who are ushering in the baby. Speaking of one of the pairs, I’d be curious to know why, of all people, P. Diddy and Steve Martin appeared in my dream. To answer that, I would suggest the following reflection questions:

  • What comes to mind when I think of P. Diddy? Of Steve Martin?
  • What commonalities do I perceive P. Diddy and Steve Martin? What differences do I perceive between the two?

Of course, a dream in which we give birth may also reflect to us something related to our sense of creativity, generativity, and nurturance. I’d take some time to consider these realms of your life and whether there is something to which you currently want to give birth?

This feels notably even more potent, given that in looking at your astrology chart, I noticed that you are going through a life passage called the Pluto Square; this alignment occurs when Pluto in the sky makes a 90-degree alignment with where it was when we were born.

The Pluto Square is generally thought to be the first stellar passage associated with the mid-life transition, as we approach and turn 40. It signifies a time when we step into our power, release fears that hold us back from living in a really generative way, and give birth to a more aligned sense of integrity and identity. Knowing this has me then wonder how your dream may be offering you insights into this general moment in your life, as you transition into a time of your life in which you may find yourself more confident in the deep resources that live within you and see how you want to take ownership of them and bring them into the world.

Thank you, Iza, for sharing your dream with us. I hope that my reflections help you, and the others who have read this, to live your dream life. You can submit your dreams for future columns to hello@healerswanted.com

All my very best,

Stephanie Gailing

The resident astrologer at Healers, Stephanie is a wellness consultant and modern mystic with more than 20 years of experience. The author of Planetary Apothecary and forthcoming The Complete Book of Dreams, she is a Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon, Gemini Rising.

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