Heal on us: FREE Intuitive Coaching Session with Kezia Renee Lechner

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She’s one of the most beloved and talked-about guests of Healers podcast: wise beyond her 71 years with a gentle spirit and gift for not only listening but tuning in to what your soul needs. Kezia Renee Lechner empowers clients with the clarity and confidence they need to open into a far more fulfilling life—and now she’s offering the same guidance to our community with a FREE virtual 45-minute Transformational Intuitive Coaching session for Healers members.

“We all go through times when we feel boxed in, confused about our next steps, and fearful of moving forward.”

Kezia Renee Lechner

Transformational Intuitive Coaching can help you to shift, change and release the negative self talk and limiting beliefs that hold you back from being all you can be. We can also vouch that after a session with Kezia you will feel lighter and more at peace with your life path. This is the step that can put deeper healing in motion.

This work is for you if:
–You want more clarity about your life’s path
–You feel boxed in, confused about your next steps, and fearful of moving forward
–You long to live with a greater sense of purpose and passion
–You desire more joy and fulfillment in all areas of your life, including your relationships
–You want to experience greater abundance, improved health and increased vitality

How to book your session:
Become a member during the month of June (it’s $11.11) and you’ll receive a promo code and instructions. That’s it! This is one of those things that’s NOT too good to be true and we have Kezia to thank for that. Namaste!

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