9/17: Gamma Breath Relief

with Laura Brown

3pm PST
free via zoom

Gamma is our highest consciousness brain state. Join Laura Brown for a lesson in Sacred G or Gamma breathing, a simple and quick daily practice that releases DMT in the brain and can facilitate a near psychedelic experience without the use of drugs or alcohol—something many of us have been relying on more these days for stimulation from the monotony or perceived relief from stress. As the West Coast wildfires rage on, this is also a moment to catch our breath and find the life force within.

Benefits of cultivating a gamma state include:
– upgrade into a higher energy state
– unlocking of our higher sensory abilities
– development of our higher brain processing power and manifestation power
– ascension of our Light Bodies and a return to Source

What to expect:
Laura will share the benefits of Gamma breathing, we will do three rounds together as a group, and you’ll receive instructions following the session so you can do this healing practice on your own whenever you need a natural boost!

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