How to Communicate with Animals

They’re speaking to you

Yes, you read the headline correctly, and yes, animal communication is real. It’s quite incredible how easy it is. Let me first start by saying that I’m not going to teach you how to become Dr. Doolittle—I understand if you choose to stop reading here. 

All jokes aside: Anyone can communicate with animals! Whether it’s connecting with a chirping bird or helping a friend understand a behavior shift in their cat, I’m going to share the process I was taught by my incredible teacher Jamie Wozny (shoutout!) that’s rooted in energetic and psychic exchange. 

Before we walk through the process, here’s how to prepare for your animal conversations:

Know and understand your two most prominent clairs. If you don’t know which of the five clairs or senses you use most often, try this exercise: Think of a memorable vacation. What about that vacation you remember the most. Is it visuals? The bright colors of the resort, or the waves crashing against the shore. Or is your memory dominated by feels? The joy you experienced when seeing your kids make a sand castle, or the peace of reading a book in silence. The senses that draw in the most memories are likely going to be your strongest clairs. For example, my memories are almost always led with feelings (clairsentience) which explains my strong empathic abilities. 

Research the animal’s breed to understand what the “default” behavior and energy is. This is incredibly important prior to a session. We can’t stop natural breed behaviors, like barking, but we can understand and simply ask what can I do to help comfort you?

Understand that it’s the hardest to read your own animal. I can attest to this! My new pup Maverick will be barking and I’m like what do you need dude?! Because I’m too emotionally invested to hear him. I’ll then pass a dog and get an instant ping that he needs more red meat in his diet. You just can’t make that up! 

Okay now let’s get to the fun stuff! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide that anyone can use for communicating with animals:

1. At the start of each session, get quiet. Clear your mind. Ask the Universe to strengthen your energetic connection and support the session with healing.

2. Introduce yourself to the animal and set the intention. For example: “My name is Kaila and I’m sending you love.” To help drive this message further, think of ways to send the message of love to the animal. Being an empath, I think about the love I feel for my partner and envision sharing that loving energy with the animal. If you’re more visual, you can envision and share a red heart.

3. Now ask for permission to communicate: “Can I connect with you?” Don’t overthink the response, your intuition will provide an accurate response. If the answer is yes, quickly take inventory on how you feel and clear any energy that you are carrying that isn’t yours: “I intend to clear any energy that isn’t mine and come back in alignment with my energy.”

4. You can now start the conversation and ask specific questions energetically or verbally—both achieve the same goal. Once you ask a question be prepared for the answers to come quick. Write everything down. Also take into consideration that the animal will answer from their point of view. NOTE:
– If you ask a question and the response is quiet, try rephrasing or simplifying the question. Another way is to show visual images to the animal in your mind to help them understand. This goes back to your psychic abilities – lead with the strongest ones.
– If the answer is confusing, it’s okay to ask “what does that mean?”

5. When the session is done, always thank the animal and disconnect the energy. It’s vital to follow through with whatever you have promised, When we communicate and follow through it builds trust with our pets!

Finally, have fun with this–don’t overthink it! You are developing a trust muscle with your intuition. I’m a firm believer that anyone can communicate with animals. All it takes is an open heart, mind and the willingness to learn and listen. Animals are teachers, guides and healers. When we learn to recognize and respect them for who they truly are, they help make us better people. 

Kaila Przymus

Kaila Przymus

Reiki and intuitive healer Kaila Przymus is more comfortable communicating with animals than humans. She currently lives in Chicago with her partner and two cute Corgis.

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