November 2020 Astrowellness

forward motion

Each month, astrologer Stephanie Gailing shares astrological insights to give you a framework for understanding the invitations of this time. With greater awareness you’ll be able to move through the month with more consciousness and compassion.


After the suspended reality and stasis of the last month, we are finally able to move ahead. A lot of the energy that has kept us stuck will disappear as Mercury and Mars both end their retrograde cycles. You’ll now be able to use what you learned for progress and moving forward.

Key Dates

November 3: Mercury stations direct. With the moon in Gemini connecting to the North Node in Gemini, all eyes are on the mail, signatures, communication, travel … you know, all of those things that are critical to Election Day.

November 12: the last of three Jupiter/Pluto Conjunctions that have tested our foundations and limiting beliefs. Take a moment to reflect on what you have learned about yourself this year through the shock and chaos? How has it made you tap into your strength and resourcefulness?

November 13: Mars stations direct. There may be explosive energy as the barn doors open so pace yourself!

November 14: Scorpio New Moon

November 28: Neptune stations direct

November 30: Gemini Lunar Eclipse

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