January 2020 Energy Report

Welcome to a brand new year and a brand new 10-year growth cycle. If it seems like everyone’s making quite a deal of this whole ‘end of the decade’ thing it’s for a good reason. Not very often are we handed the keys to a brand new automobile, free of charge, that is designed to take us anywhere that we desire to go. But this is precisely what’s happening now, and I don’t know about you, but I’m totally here for it. 

The month begins with the essence of integration. For most of us, 2019 dealt out one important but difficult AF life lesson after another. The fact that we are still here just goes to show we are far stronger than we give ourselves credit for. 

Now we settle into a blank space. The past is no more and the future has yet to fully materialize. This magic of the in-between is our time to integrate what we’ve learned in the previous 12 months. I for one have zero interest in going back over old ground and I’m guessing you’re right with me. This means we need to cut loose from the old ways. No more hiding from what needs our attention. No more burying stuff under the carpet and hoping that it goes away because let’s face it: that never happens. Instead, we release our worries and make a solid commitment to our wellbeing. We show compassion for our fumbles and put in place systems and practices that will help build a stronger foundation. 

Don’t delay. Don’t second guess yourself. Don’t wade in the “am I ready?” pool because that is so 2019 and you are more than ready. 

By mid-month doors are blown wide open and a chance to radicalize our foundation in some new way—likely related to how we earn our money—comes our way. The promise of potential can be frightening for some. We’re nothing if not our own worst enemy, constantly getting in the way of our own success. It’s time, however, to trust that this is all happening for a reason. Likely this is going to mean new ways to earn money for some, career shifts for others or a chance to nail that promotion that you deserve and is long overdue. 

Come months’ end we’re proving just how ready we are as we embody our worth and our potential, immersing ourselves in this new opportunity. This energy does require that we throw out the rule book and put up blinders to what others are doing. This is us doing it our way, paving our own path. Sure we may make mistakes, but at the end of it all what we’re doing will be unlike anything the world has seen because we did it with our own style and flair. 

Laura Brown

Intuitive energy alchemist Laura Brown uses her psychic gifts and training as a counselor to help others find clarity, healing and expansion. When not shifting energy you’ll find her in the kitchen with her kids, working out, meditating or on the patio with her fire-fighting hunk of a husband. 

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