October Energy Report

trust what is unfolding

Welcome to your monthly energy report! Every month, intuitive alchemist Laura Brown unpacks the energy of the month ahead so you can align to the inner and outer rhythms of this experience and make empowered choices.

October’s energy speaks to release. Like leaves falling to the ground, it is time to let fall away any constructs or inner templates that are no longer needed. The aim is to maintain a state of balance even as certain constructs within and around us begin to dismantle. Remember that the branches of the tree do not strain downward to clench to the leaves that have fallen. Instead, each tree participates willingly in this release, knowing it is part of the natural order. 

We begin the month primed for this cycle. Waves of energy have been flowing since the Equinox portal that is automatically facilitating this release. This release is designed to help us establish a more profound equilibrium in our lives as we fully integrate the lessons learned from the past six months. The wisdom gained from these experiences is weaving its way through our being. With this, anything within or around us which activated these lessons is likely beginning to fall away. We have absorbed the medicine they had to offer, and now it’s time for them to collapse. 

We are fully integrating the lessons learned from the past six months. The wisdom gained from these experiences is weaving its way through our being.

There was a substantial amount of resistance when I channeled the energy of the month telling me that many of us will move into this space. Naturally, some of us may resist the flow of this energy. It’s worth reminding that our goal is to participate, much like the trees around us, with this process and to do so joyously. 

Questions to ask in October:
–What am I clenching to right now?
–What is driving my resistance to the change happening within and around me? 
–Am I grasping the potential and ignoring the reality of the situation? 
–How can I celebrate what was as I open to what is coming? 
–How can I slip into a space of acceptance and grace with what I am feeling? 
–If I look at my feelings without judgment or characterization, what can I learn from them? 

Grounding into the energy of these shifts and doing the necessary self-inquiry is needed as we enter mid-month when the purge begins. The prep work done at the beginning of the month will go quite far in helping us to establish very early on the balance and harmony we carry with us. We have identified our resistance; now it’s time to participate in the process of release through total acceptance of what is and letting go of our expectation.

There was a joy that came through ever so subtly through this energy. It felt like a joy around being in alignment. Many of us will accept when before you would resist. This leaves me feeling that we will surprise ourselves with our own growth. Now, does this mean that the constructs and templates around resistance that came through at the beginning of the month have been dismantled? No, unfortunately, many of us will still hold on. By mid-month, however, this energy morphs into a fear around making the wrong choice or the fear of letting go because of questions around “what if.” 

The antidote for this is trust. Trust in what is unfolding. Trust in ourselves and trust in our Cosmic Light Family. What is falling to the ground is doing so because it no longer holds the vitality required to stay upright. Our guides would never allow something to fall away that was truly and inherently needed for our survival. Rather that which is falling apart is doing so to make space for those templates that will give way to what is required as we enter 2020.

late month
The end of the month is a period of reset and with this the call for more considerable attention around self-care and self-nurturing. Nap when a nap is needed, eat healthy and delicious foods that are fresh and replenishing. Get the body moving, so you are fully facilitating the flow of energy. Take time out for quiet reflection and introspection to contemplate “what next.” This is a time to check in with yourself: Who are you after this release? How has this release changed you? What did it bring to the surface in your reactions and behavior? How has uour inner landscape changed? 

There is a “take charge” feel to the energy, but it originates first within. We are exploring our inner world much like we would an empty house we were considering buying. We are visualizing what can be from a blank slate. It’s a highly generative energy so do be mindful that your focus remains not on resistance or fear of the unknown but nestles into a place of ultimate possibility. 

Laura will be offering a LIVE virtual energy journey and healing session for Healers members on October 10 at 6pst/9est. Join us for details. As always, a recording will also be available in our in Member Lounge if you’re unable to attend!


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