9/29: Radical Rest Workshop

with the Sternbergs

Ellianna & Maura Sternberg

Tuesday, Sept. 29
5pm PST / 8pm EST

Rest is one of the most under-appreciated but vital wellness practices. Many of us struggle to consistently incorporate rest into our daily lives, let alone get enough. Or, we confuse relaxation with rest, often in the form of distraction or commodified self-care. According to holistic sister witches Ellianna & Maura Sternberg, rest is the secret key to unlocking healing and unleashing our own power. In this virtual workshop, they’ll show us how while incorporating Tarot, spellcraft, crowdsourcing and journaling along the way.

Rest topics we’ll explore:
– Why don’t we know how to rest effectively? 
– We know rest is important, but we never actually do it! How do we learn/unlearn that?
– How to know when you’ve actually rested. What will we feel like? 
– How rest under capitalism interrupts our process of inner knowing

What you’ll receive:
– The two essential aspects of embodied rest hygiene
– Tools, structures, and approaches for building rest practice and stamina into your life right now
– Resources that center the Black queer women on the front lines of this work

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