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Black Healing & Wellness Experts to Get to Know Now

It’s undeniable that the wellness world as many of us know it is full of whiteness. The lack of both visibility for black healers and accessibility for black women and men in need of support is part of the wall that we hope to help tear down with the continued amplification of black healers and wellness practitioners.

Wellness isn’t whiteness; it’s for everyone. Which is why it’s necessary to create space for more and varied healers to connect with the people (you) ready to receive healing. Each practitioner’s individual history, perspective, experience and personality informs their work. It creates a vibration that attracts you to them, and lays the groundwork for the transformation you’re ready to begin.

As this revolution continues, so does the healing. We will continue to do that deep work and commit to cultivating pathways for black practitioners, knowing that we can’t heal the collective until we heal ourselves. Here are a few of the voices we’re looking to for inspiration, guidance and education.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ll continue to update this list and leave it right here as a resource. Please let us know in the comments who else we should include! If you’re a black healer or wellness practitioners, please say!

Who to book a session with in the healers community

Alanna Heavenly, a NYC- based Reiki master whose name says it all. Services: Akashic Records, Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings, Medium, Past Lives, Reiki, Spiritual Guidance

Janelle Clayton, an integrative healer and chiropractor. Services: energy healing, chiropractic, yoga, nutrition, lunar cycle observations, personal empowerment strategies, channelled messages from your angels ancestor and guides. 

Shayla Boger, a Minneapolis-based energy Healer, integrative health and wellbeing coach, and holistic esthetician. Services: Nourishing Skin Therapies, Energy Healing, Well-being Consultations & Coaching

More wellness practitioners to explore

Millana Snow / @millanasnow

Maryam Ajayi / @maryamajayi

Dr. Naika / @drnaika

Raisia Pouncie /

Siedeh Foxie / @st.foxie

Malorie Mathurin / @moonladyastrology

Sinikiwe Stephanie Dhliwayo / @sinikiwe.stephanie

Stephanie Heath / @careercoachsteph

Brittany Dior Wilson / @brittwil

Jasmine Rashaé / @jasminerashae

Leanne Evans (coming soon) / @Coachedwithleanne

Who to Follow for a Fresh Perspective

Dr. Crystal Jones / @drcrystaljones

Rachel Ricketts / @iamrachelricketts

Kelley Green / @kelleygreen_

Latham Thomas / @glowmaven

Layla F. Saad / @laylafsaad

Nicole A Cardoza / @nicoleacardoza

Black Women’s Health Imperative / @blkwomenshealth

Luvvie / @luvvie

Lalah Deliah / @laladeliah

Alexandra Elle / @alex_elle

Audi L. Brown / @audilbrown

Brown Girl Self-Care / @browngirlselfcare

HealHaus / @healhaus

Therapy for Black Girls / @therapyforblackgirls

Black Mental Lives Matters / @BlackMentalLivesMatter

Ethel’s Club / @ethelsclub

Transparent Black Girl / @transparentblackgirl

Black Girl Feels / @blackgirlfeels

Minaa B. / @minaa_b

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