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How to Use Flower Essences

nature’s mood balancer

Flower essences or remedies can be used to energetically treat emotional and spiritual imbalances. Distilled from flowers and usually suspended in water and brandy in small dropper bottles, they retain the healing properties of that plant. Taking a remedy can help you overcome your fears, anxieties and challenging moods.

Astrologer Stephanie Gailing often recommends flower essences for gently working with the planetary influences. The beauty of flower essences is that you can take them as needed, a few days or weeks, until equilibrium is restored. To use flower essences:

Orally: Take 4 drops directly from bottle in mouth, several times/day OR put 4 drops in glass or bottle of water and drink, drink several times/day.
Topically: Put 6 drops in mister bottle filled with water and essential oil, mist several times per day OR place several drops in bathwater OR place a few drops directly on skin.

Flower essences are readily available at natural food stores like Whole Foods and your local co-op.

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